That Moment I Couldn’t Stop My Mouth


Hello, folks. I’m sure we’ve all had moments when we’re talking to a customer and they’re just a fucking dick for no reason. And in these moments, there are things we would like to say to these rude-ass customers. Today, I did exactly that.

This customer is well-known in our center. He calls in all the time, and he’s a huge dick to whoever has the displeasure of speaking with him. It seems it was my turn.

He asks for a part, and I give him said part. His response:

“That’s not right. I called another company and they gave me a different part number. No disrespect, but every time I call you people you give me the wrong part.”

Normally, I’m able to keep my cool in situations like this. It’s not my first rodeo, after all, and I’ve dealt with this guy in the past. But something in me just snapped.

“Sir, if we keep giving you the wrong parts, then why do you keep calling us?”

He then asked for my supervisor. I put him on hold to transfer him, and I was explaining my situation to my supervisor. He was pretty chill about the whole thing, just told me I wasn’t supposed to do that. Which, yeah, shouldn’t have done that. Guy disconnected before I could transfer him, too.
After I got off work, a different supervisor came up to me and said, “Off the clock? Good job. And you asked him so politely, too!”

Hopefully, I don’t get a write up… I don’t think I will, everyone knows what kinda of guy this is.


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