What’s something that drives you crazy?


I work at a call center for an electric utility company. This time of year is especially busy for us because it’s essentially high bill season for many of our customers. People call in because their bills range anywhere between $50 -$200 higher in some cases that I’ve seen and that does alarm many people.

Which I get it, a bill that high could be a bit too much for anyone. And that’s what I’m here for, to help people pay off and/or explain their high bills to them.

The things that drive me crazy is when people argue back with us for 20 minutes about how we are over charging them and gouging them as well. I have to explain that my bills are high as well this time of year. Winter is a rough time for us all. I wish our furnaces were more electric efficient than they were, alas they are not.

The equally frustrating and funny part of this time of year is that it seems as much as 80% of the customers I talk to apparently don’t use some sort of heating. No one ever uses their heaters, no one ever turns on their tv, people barely flush their toilets so why should we be charging so much.

I understand too there are genuinely a chunk of customers that use those propane space heaters that don’t plug into the walls at all or use wood heaters, so we have to take those reports with a grain of salt. But if most everyone doesn’t use their electricity then why does every single winter season cause your usage to go up? Do you not remember last year at this time?

Oh but your neighbor’s electric isn’t as high as yours? I can’t speak about your neighbor’s house, I can only speak to you about yours. There’s a handful of reasons as to why that could be.

Another thing that drives me crazy is when people accuse us of gouging them in a regular basis. They swear they made a payment with us. I have to go over with them that yes, indeed we received a payment, but that was not enough to cover what was owed. Unfortunately this isn’t exactly a situation where just whatever you send us is good enough. We have to have exactly what’s how to make sure it’s not going to become past due later.

Again, I am glad to go over this and help people have options to pay off what’s owed. Just the overall attitude and snippy nature that people have that so we are always in the wrong things to get to me every once in a while.

What’s something about the customers you deal with that drive you crazy as well?


What do you think?

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