Call center malicious compliance.

Just a rant about how ridiculous the many micro-managers interact.

I worked for a TV/Phone/Internet companies call center for several years in the billing and sales department.
I had a call from a person with an issue with her equipment that was a tec support issue, I told her this and she said she just spoke to them and they transferred her to me (you know the old get them off the line before AHT goes up ploy).
She insisted on a supervisor and I advised that I only had access to billing supervisors and she needed Tec support, I ended up trans her to Tec and I thought that was it
Next day I am called in to listen to the call and was written up for improper procedure and I should have trans her to our supervisor as she requested despite them not being able to help

I kid you not a couple of days later I had the same exact scenario happen so I went to warm transfer to my supervisor who refused to take the call because there was nothing they could do for her, I was told to trans to Tec.
At that point I refused and I quoted the write up that I still had at my desk. He then elevated it to the floor manager who told me to trans to Tec, same guy who wrote me up a few days earlier for doing what he now advised me.
I’m glad I’m not there anymore

What do you think?

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