Had to hang up on a customer for the first time ever today for being abusive, boss told me I shouldn’t have

Been at this company for 4 years, somehow I’ve gotten to this point without anyone ever having called me any names directly.

this older man calls in tonight to make a payment. The whole call he’s being fairly civil but he acts weird and creepy, after almost every sentence he refers to me as “sweetie,” “my dear,” or “my love.” 🤨 It made me uncomfortable but just pushed on with it.

We got to what I hoped was the end of the call and he asked how much his payments would be going forward, I told him and he got angry. “Why are they gonna be that much?!?” I told him why.

Conversation then went exactly like this:

“I have paid every single month, my sweetheart. You can go back and look at my FUCKING RECORDS.”

“Please don’t use that kind of language with me, sir.”


“You will not speak to me like that , sir, I am going to disconnect this call.”

“Okay, goodbye, and shove it up your ass where the sun don’t shine!”

I hung up. I messaged my supervisor immediately and told her, she called me and I told her what happened.

She basically told me “sorry that happened” but then told me that I “should never hang up on them when this happens, instead I should transfer them directly to her voicemail after giving her a heads up so that she doesn’t answer the phone.”

Lol. I know our procedure. We technically are not supposed to disconnect for abusive language, but to “connect them with a manager.” Fuck that. Someone says “fuck you bitch” to me and I’m hanging up on your ass.

What do you think?

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