Finally leaving my shitty toxic micromanaging call centre job.

I’ve worked in a call Centre for the last 3 years. I only stayed that long as for a long part of it it was working from home due to covid and was good pay.

I would often get emails from my manager saying why was I a few seconds to a whole minute late back from lunch. This was due to the supervisors snitching and relaying every tiny details to the managers.

I would often get messaged by the supervisor asking me to go back on calls WHILE IN THE TOILET FFS. They would often take me off comfort break while I was going to the toilet so I would have to sprint back to the phone to avoid missing the call.

Finally after 3 years of being monitored and watched non step I have finally found a new jo, it’s a further commute but i will have so much more freedom to breathe while working and not worry about doing the smallest mistake. My new manager was shocked when she heard about my previous job.

Hang in there folks there’s always a light at the end of the call centre tunnel.

What do you think?

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