Today, I resigned.

Hello, dear colleagues and readers.

Today I had my worst job experience during my three years in my actual company. I work from home.

Today I connected 10 minutes late from home. Internet wasn’t working (restarted the router, settings check, called the cable company, found that the issue was in the building internet cabinet, solved, connected). My boss yelled at me because I was late in front of all my peers, he shouted that I have always excuses ready for my laziness, that if everyone would act like me in the company they’d lost clients and close their business. I listened him venting his rage silently. Then he resumed what he was saying but I wasn’t listening him anymore.

Been advisor for two then supervisor during my last year. I’ve been on time every day, from office before, from home later, did much overtime (some of it unpaid) while working remotely to complete my tasks and follow properly my team. Two single absence days when my father died. No sick day ever, worked from home even with Covid. Always complied with internal and client rules. My team (there are 6 of them) has been #1 in evaluations, time management and customer satisfacion during 9 of my 12 months as supervisor. Just one single compliance fail from them during the same period (average of department is 3-4 per month). My performance bonuses are the highest for our client.

I’m writing my resignation because my direct superior has never acknowledged my good work. He had no respect of a devoted competent worker like me. All my colleagues called or texted me immediately after the meeting to support me someway but none of them stepped on to defend me.

In two weeks it will be over. And I have all the intentions to perform at minimum effort, this company doesn’t deserve my best anymore.

I was so hurt that for a few minutes I was thinking to jump from the balcony (luckily, I didn’t and moved on). I’ve never felt so demoted in my entire life.

Thank you for reading all this, I had to vent somewhere, anonimity of reddit helps me a lot.

edit: update about what happened next [here](

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