Walk down to the fulfillment center and get me the right item.


Another tale of my days at a large retail call center. I worked as a supervisor primarily for online orders. One of my first calls of the day was an extremely irate lady with a really obnoxious voice who let me have it for a few minutes before I could even get through my greeting and start asking the typical questions, how can I help, what’s your order number or email, etc.

As it turns out she had ordered a coffee table and matching end table and the end table came in the wrong color. I reviewed her order and it looked like she had already had a replacement sent, but it was the wrong color as well. When this happens we fill out a ticket for fulfillment to have someone correct the issue. We would tell the customer to wait 10 days to allow time to fix the issue before reordering and we’ll help with returns of the incorrect items.

At first she demanded we refund her order so she can replace her order, even though it hadn’t been 10 days yet. In the system if you’ve sent a replacement order and the original item hasn’t been returned we cannot issue a refund. I asked if she wanted help returning the incorrect items or if she’d like to return them to her local store for a faster refund. She didn’t like either option, but I think we ended up settling on a pick up and all she had to do was leave the packages outside and the carrier would return them.

I advised her that she should wait a few more days before replacing her order because I could still see the fulfillment ticket in queue so it hadn’t been corrected yet. She then started screaming at me again and during this she told me I needed to personally walk downstairs to the fulfillment center and find the right item and ship it to her. I’m not sure where she got the idea that it was downstairs from the office.

The only thing below us were other offices for different departments and administrative staff. The fulfillment center that particular item shipped from was about 800 miles from me and I advised her as such. Even if it was the same city they wouldn’t just let me come in and rummage around through the items looking for the right colored table. She then demanded that I drive the 800 miles to get her the right item.

I had to mute my microphone for a second to avoid laughing at her. Meanwhile some of my coworkers within hearing distance of me were laughing under their breath as I tried to explain that wasn’t going to happen. She then proceeded to tell me how useless and incompetent I was blah blah blah. All she had to do at this point was set the boxes outside for pickup the following day and wait another 3-4 days before reordering. You would have thought I was asking her cut off an arm or something though.


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Rude customer, satisfying outcome

I don’t think I’ve ever had such a bittersweet interaction with a rude customer like today