Extermination Companies DO NOT treat pubic lice!


This literally just happened. I take calls for a major extermination company. A woman calls me up and is describing being bitten at night so I offered a bed bug inspection based upon her description. She says no it’s not bed bugs, it’s a type of mite. She then says, I shit you not, that these mites are crawling in her “pubes” and she is currently scratching it while talking to me. I immediately tell her to call a doctor and she says no she won’t, that it couldn’t possibly be an STD because she doesn’t “get laid” and demanded we come over to treat her BODY and house. I tell her again to call a doctor that we absolutely do not treat this and her response was no I won’t go to the doctor and I’m using anti itch cream my son gave me. I can’t make this shit up. Sadly this is the second time I’ve gotten a call about this very thing.

Edit: Some may be wondering if this lady was pranking me. While that is possible, this lady as well as the other gentleman who asked the same thing last year are both our customers with pest control accounts under their names. So I’m leaning towards they were very serious.


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