What’s training for anyway?


I watched this unfold 2nd hand. It’s my partner’s story.

She got a position with a large phone company doing tech support. OK, not with the company, but with a BPO that runs call centers for a bunch of people.

Training starts and it’s all iPhone and iPad. Which is fine, they need to learn that. She becomes friends with the other trainees and learns many of them transferred from billing. They didn’t like it so got to retrain for tech support. Cool, sometimes they will have to do a little billing adjustment, and having people who know the terrain is usefull.

The few weeks of training is 3/4 over when people start asking about training on android and other phones. “We’re putting that together” is the answer they get.
Another week goes by, same question, same answer. “Fake it till you make it” Despite some of the class never having used an android phone.

They are into Y-cording, still no training on Android. Most of the calls are iPhone, things are going ok. She’s given a website that lets you click thru mockups of android when it does come up. She’s getting comfortable and they are cut loose on the floor. Things go ok for a week.

She goes in on Monday and they are told they are now a billing department, review the email and start taking calls.

Every single person who transferred out of billing just walks out.

Partner tries to make the best of it, but the “training” email is just welcome to billing. No info on what to do.

She battled thru 2 calls. They might have been simple calls, but you need to know where the update credit card button is to be helpful. Afterward, she asked about training for billing. She got a half-hearted “Fake it till you make it” speech and walked out.

The grapevine said the whole department imploded within that week.


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