“Saying hello like that will get you slapped in person”


So earlier I had a call where a client just wouldn’t stop talking over me. I understand their frustration because the system is screwed, but I was trying to explain to him the best steps to help him out. Also the phone system we use is outdated so sometimes our calls will drop and the customers can’t hear us anymore mid-call. I was speaking and he kept talking over me but it wasn’t even what I was telling him. Even when I try to interject with something that might actually help him he just kept going on and on and talking in circles. So I figured my phone went out so I said, “hello? Hello sir, can you hear me? Hello?” So he was like, “Yes I can hear you So I know you can hear me. You don’t need to be rude.” I told him I wasn’t being rude I was just making sure he could still hear me. He said, “no I’m not stupid the way you said hello was rude. When someone can’t hear me on the phone I don’t say hello I asked him if they can hear me. (Even though I did but he was talking over me) Saying hello like that would get you slapped in person.” I apologized and let him continue to talk. He probably talked for a good 10 to 15 minutes straight and I probably only said about three sentences during that whole exchange. I messaged a supervisor and they told me to go ahead and disconnect the call after I told him I’ve already explained everything he needed to do. I told him one last time to call our help number and he told me to stfu and I disconnected the call.
Like, I really like helping people and I’ve had much worse calls, but this guy really annoyed me. I’ve just never spoke with someone who didn’t let me say a word for 5 minutes straight. I even tried to take control of the call and he just wouldn’t let me. Anyone else ever have a call like that? I literally put on the circle for a good 3 minutes while he was talking. 😅


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