I don’t work for the credit bureau ma’am.

Ugh. The level of stupidity I deal with daily is ridiculous.

BCB- bad credit betty.

M-thank you for calling ******, my name is abblejacks, how can I help you?

Bcb- hi, I just got a letter stating that I have an outstanding amount to pay with you guys and I’d like to pay for that.

M- I’d be happy to help, *verifies the info for account* okay, so I see you owe xx.xx dollars, would you like to use a card?

Bcb- card

M- perfect *takes payment*

Bcb- good now can you get that off my credit?

M-we will notify the credit bureau that its been paid and they will mark paid until they remove.

Bcb-why can’t you just do it? They only remove after a certain amount of time and I want it done now.

M-unfortunately ma’am, I don’t work for the bureau, I don’t have the means to do that.

Bcb-get me your supervisor

……Jesus christ.

What do you think?

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