I decided enough was enough.


The micromanagement got to me. At first this job wasn’t bad. It wasn’t ideal but it paid the bills and I was treated like more of an adult than I had been at previous jobs and this was my first call center job so it didn’t seem too bad considering things I had heard about call centers. Then after my first 6 months, we got a new manager.

The new manager was a call center veteran. The misery a person must go through to get to that level I’ll never know, but I digress. He was okay at first. Possibly better than our old manager. Made a few QOL changes to start with and gain everyone’s trust. Over time he slowly became more of a pain in the ass.

Started out with he didn’t care about how many calls we made as long as we reached our team goal. Okay, cool. We had one goal to meet and that was it. When we got a new soft phone provider though is when shit really hit the fan. Now everything is timed. Everything. You sound too long documenting a call? Jail. You spend too much time on the phone? Straight to jail. Too much time in the bathroom taking a shit? Believe it or not, straight to jail. God forbid you use the bathroom and get coffee/water in the same hour.

It’s going to feel so great to turn my notice in at the end of this month.


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