I’m gonna start calling out every new moon


I have no words for today but let’s ago…

1. Not 1 but 2 people told me their were offended we gave them a $2000 credit limit. I’d be jumping for joy to see that much. You ain’t special with that $150,000 income.

2. Fraud is someone steals your credit card number and makes fraudulent charges. What fraud isn’t not your upset that the steakhouse had poor service on a Saturday or your wife doing shady stuff like buying crypto. Your recorded on the phone saying that was her.

3. To the lady that wanted me to tell her exact time down to the second when we printed out her statement, put it in an envelope, and put it in the mailbox, if I had that information I’d give it to you but I don’t.

4. This conversation…

Me-” Hi thanks for calling xyz Bank. May I get your name?”
Guy ” ugh what did you say?”
Me ” your name please?”
Guy ” ugh I lost my card”
Me ” ok can I get your social?”
Awkward silence
Me ” Sir I’ll need a response if you would like me to help you”
Guy ” ugh yeah it’s 123 45 6789″
Me ” that doesn’t pull up anything. Are you calling about a debit card?”
Even more Awkward silence
Me ” Sir I’ll need more information so a response is helpful”
Awkward silence again
Me ” Sir if you keep not responding I’ll have to end our call so that I may help other card holders who are waiting on the line”
Guy ” what did you say?”
Me ” I need more information in order to help you”
Click click…


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