Things to do while working for outside productivity/mental health?


I used to have a call center job where the internet traffic on the computers was not heavily monitored, so I usually distracted myself the entire day with Reddit, Discord, Youtube, homework, articles, etc. It allowed me to always be on top of things & I felt like my job, as much as I hated it, did not get in the way of other factors in my life.


I recently took a job at a different company where all internet traffic is monitored and screens are recorded for QA. While I make more money here, I lost my ability to feel in control of my productivity for events outside of work. Most of the time I’ll end up distracting myself with my phone, but I have to be a lot more careful & it just isn’t the same.


What are some things you do to help work feel less controlling over your life while you’re there? I have noticed others bringing in coloring books & I suppose doing some sort of craft would be nice as long as it doesn’t go overboard. I am open to suggestions because as we all know this line of work gives you very little to show for it outside of monetary gain. I feel like my job does not contribute anything of value to my development as a person after holding a position for longer than 6 months & reaching the repetition stage.


TLDR: do you have anything creative/productive you do at work that makes you feel like you actually have something to show for sitting at a desk all day?


What do you think?

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