The day I stopped working in call centes



I have worked in many call centres over my life and having found this sub I will likely add more in the future but I thought I’d start with the why I left the industry for good.

Like I said I have alot of experience in this area and when I moved towns I needed a new job and a fast decent income so I applied for multiple telesales roles very quickly and by the end of the week I was sat in training having been interviewed at a solicitors by two very posh well spoken gentlemen in an amazing office, we had discussed and amazing package including a company car for when I did face to face sales and career progression and around 3times industry standard wage. I was over the moon and attended the posh office with the posh cars and all the fancy people and I used what little money I had to buy a second hand suit and attacked my new job with vigour. The training week was brilliant and I was paid around £900 English pounds sterling. I was 22 and couldn’t actually believe it. That was without commission!

My second week and I am on the phones, I have been pulled up a couple of times for going into a sales pitch and off script and told they don’t run a telesales office like that. That they are above board everything is legal and everyone is looked after. So I stuck to the script made a few sales (I was adamant I could have made more with some freedom but I stuck to doing as I was told) 2nd week I make around £1500 and the 3rd around £2200. All above board and legitimate, it’s advertising for businesses and if they all signed contracts after my call I got an extra bonus when the face to face guys went out. These contracts ran up to 7 years and where wrote by the solicitor guys I mentioned earlier..essentially unbreakable or get outable.

I was young, naive and making more money than I knew what to do with. I was still getting pulled up on the odd call for making a joke or having “personality” but life was good.

Then it came to renew a contract with a company. I got passed this sure fire deal and was told to make the arrangements. The gentleman was known to be a tough negotiator so the commission wouldn’t be a huge % but he spent a small fortune every 2 years (the minimum term contract) I rang and a lady answered who turned out to be his wife. It went something like this

(About 5 minutes into the convo explaining who I am the lady starts to cry)

“Sorry my husband has passed away from cancer. I have never worked and I am going to sell the business and retire with the grand kids, she cries some more and says she’s terminal as well and doesn’t know what else to do”

We have some more sorry for your loss type conversation and I let her go. Sigh compose myself and get ready to make the next calls.

Now remember I kept getting pulled for off script. I was screamed at! I broke the script one to many times and how dare I console this lady. The floor manager then said the most callus thing I have ever heard

“Listen if she dies on a 7 year contract we get the money paid in full before her family get inheritance”

Now I don’t know how true that is but I feel sick and being a bigger lad all I can think about is smashing this blokes face in as if he had said this heinous thing abiut my own nana. I dont though as I need the job so I walk out to get a drink. Compose myself a second time and as I walk back in…

Floor manager is high fiving the staff saying that’s 7 years ready to be signed, at our top package. For advertising for a company a lady was selling while she was dying and bereaved. I was disgusted.

I decided to quit but first things first

I rang my mum. She is a cancer suviour and runs a company. She knows how to win.

She tells me what to do.

I wait the day out. I make more sales than I ever have. I stay late that night. Everyone leaves the office

I ring every customer back. I tell them the truth

Every customer cancelled and put complaints in to the relevant ombudsman’s.

I left really happy with my notice on the desk.

That first morning the calls came. First sorry to see you go but we didn’t need you cocky calls.

Then the what the fuck have you done calls

Then the threatening to sue me calls

Then the please ring them back begging calls.

I collected my last wage a week later. Heavily docked but very happy.

I haven’t been back in a call centre since and I don’t intend too.


call centre tries to rip off dying woman, I stop it and leave the industry for ever.

Edit – thank you so much for the awards!


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