‘Son, do you still want to work here?’ great question


Short story

I work for a call center for a major financial services company. We, in the past, have had a reputation for giving great client service, but in the last few years things have gotten worse. I have been desperately trying to get a new job and switch careers since I’m kinda hating my company now and I’ve more than ran my course for phone work, but it hasn’t been easy trying to make this switch.

Anyways, I get this gentleman on the line who from the get go is complaining about everything: how it took him 20 minutes to reach me, the previous rep gave wrong info, and he feels like he’s being mistreated for a multi-million dollar client account. All valid, I will admit, but extremely draining to have to appease this bastard for 30 minutes while he’s on the verge of escalating to my supervisor.

At the end he asks me ‘son, you said you have been working for x company for a long time, have you thought about getting employment elsewhere?’

I gave him the company correct ‘no comment’ answer, but the actual correct answer is ‘way more than you could ever know motherfucker.’


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