Sometimes you need to yell at clients.


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I haven’t been in the center for over 5 months but this call from late last year still pisses me off.

I had my broker’s licenses and worked for a large broker/dealer. My calls mostly teaching people about investing, placing trades, and fixing all the issues you may or may not expect to pop up in brokerage accounts. From reading this sub my experience was better than most people’s, except when there were time sensitive issues involving money.

This is more in line, perhaps, with the typical experience of a call center.

I answer the phone, give the greeting, and get the client verified.

“how can I help you today?”

“how did I lose $700 today”

“Let’s see…. Almost all of the losses today come from your tesla shares”

“how is that possible?”

“you have fifteen shares. It fell by $45 per share to close at $650.”

“but I bought it at $630”

“that’s right, last week you did. You asked about the loss of $700 today”

“I don’t understand”

“it closed Friday at $695. It closed today at $650. You have fifteen shares, so your loss today is around $700.”

“but I bought it at $630. I have made money”

“that’s right. You have made money overall. You asked about today. Today you lost money.”

“but I didn’t lose money”

Overall you made money. You’re up $300 overall on tesla. Today you lost money. $700.”

“I don’t understand”

“I don’t understand what you don’t understand”

He gets heated at this point, which gets me heated.

“you can’t tell me I lost money”

“I genuinely do not understand where the disconnect is here”

“how did I lose money?!?”

“your fifteen shares are each worth $45 less than they were Friday”

“but I bought it -”

“you asked about today. We agree about what you bought it at. We agree you made money overall. You asked about today.”

“I don’t understand! why can’t you explain it to me!”

“I have. I don’t know what else to tell you, this is very straightforward.”

I’ll admit I yelled this last line. We were both shouting at this point.

“I… Okay. Talk to my wife.”

Wife “hello”

I am still heated so I probably spoke to her in a pretty aggressive, rude tone.

“okay the question was how the account lost $700 in value today. It is from the tesla share price falling. Let’s start at the beginning. Last week fifteen shares were bought at $630. On Friday it closed at $695. Today it closed at $650. Overall, from the time you bought it you have made money. However, today it fell by $45/share. Times fifteen shares is $700. That is the number you see. It is labeled “today’s gain/loss. Do you have any questions?”

“no, I get it.”

“okay thank you. Have a nice day”

I just hung up. I worked from home at the time thankfully and had to go upstairs and cool off.


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