Sexually active senior citizen


So, this is my first time posting in here but I’ve lurked on this sub since before I quit my miserable job at a call center and found something I like better. This sub is actually part of what gave me the courage to leave!

I worked in Medicare part B advantage plan customer service answering questions, quoting benefits, filing grievances. I spoke with mostly senior citizens/their families but sometimes with younger people who have disabilities as well. I’m 26 years old but was told often I sounded very young. People would literally ask me if I was even old enough to work there… this is somewhat important.

One day I got a very interesting call from an 85 year old member who lived in a very popular senior community.

D: me
J: member

D:* spiel* *asks for verifying info*

J:*gives info*

D: how can I help you today?

J: do you cover pap smears?

D: we do once every 24 months.

J: I had one less than a year and need another one is there anyway to get around this?

D: so, if you needed another one before the 24 month time frame you would have to get prior authorization from your doctor declaring you are high risk for cervical cancer.

J: excuse me young lady what are you? 19 years old? YOU are only making me jump through these hoops because you think senior citizens don’t have sex! This is discrimination! I’ll have you know I have more sex in a week with MULTIPLE PARTNERS than you have had in your ENTIRE LIFE! Sometimes, even women!

I didn’t think “you go girl” was professional nor appropriate so I said…

D: Uh, okay


J: IN FACT, I have so much sex that I believe I have a venereal disease and it needs to be cleared up before it gets any worse. (She goes into in depth detail regarding her absolutely disgusting symptoms which I will spare you all)

My stomach could not take anymore. I interrupted her and told her that this is something I could not help with and she would want to discuss her symptoms with her provider. I let her know I would file a grievance on her behalf but that we could not discuss this anymore. I let her know that we would need the PA or no dice


I did my grievance and when we do a grievance in Medicare it has to be in great detail and the grievance coordinator messaged me in teams about 20 mins later.. it said nothing besides

HAHAHA!!! Rough call? It became an inside joke with us and he would message me every once in awhile with quotes from the call. We became close fiends after all this and he still gives me shit about it lol!

I’m pretty sure she only wanted to brag to someone about how much sex she was having and didn’t even care about the steps she needed to get her extra pap lol


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