One missing leaf doesn’t make it defective


Hello peeps

I am unfortunately back in a new call center after quitting the last one. I’m three weeks into working for a famous furniture store. My job is primarily dealing with online orders and transferring calls. Furniture returns are fun since unless there is a manufacturing defect you are required to pay for shopping. So don’t customers will attempt to get out having to pay it. I got this lovely customer yesterday. M is me, C is caller:

M: thanks for calling ______ my name is Gex how can I help you?

C: I wanna return this plastic tree. One of the leaves fell out of the box when I opened it.

M: Is there anything wrong with it?

C: it’s shorter than I thought it would be. Also a leaf fell outta the box when I opened it. Wouldn’t that make it defective?.

M: I don’t really think that would make it defective.

C: but a leaf fell outta the box

M: (breaking character) how many leaves are on the tree.

C: I don’t know a lot

M: then I don’t really see how one leaf would make it defective.

C: ok

M: do you have any other questions?.

C: No

M: thank you for calling ______. You have a good one

Before asking i could have done the return for free but she was rude the entire time. Honestly this was one of the few customers to cause me to break customer service voice even including when I was in escalations.


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