Humans make mistakes


..but not those who work at the airport, apparently.

This call is around 10 years ago.


M: Welcome to <ISP> this is thfr, how may I help you?

C: Hi this is C. My internet is supposed to start from today but its not working.

We go over the usual; making sure customers did connect everything correctly.

M: Oh I actually just noticed that the activationdate is not until next week. It seems that one of my colleagues missed the info that it should start today. I am very sorry about this, I can see if its possible to reschedule it to ASAP.

C starts to lose his mind bit by bit.

C: Are you serious? Are you fucking joking? I have waited months for this!! (Actually he waited 2,5 weeks).

M: I am serious yes, nothing I can do to open your connection now as it requires an onsite technician.

C: You people are a joke, and this is totally unacceptable.

M: I agree that it is unacceptable, but sadly when humans are involved sometimes errors are made and….

C: Stop lying! Where I work (at the airport) we NEVER make mistakes.

M: Funny you should mention that. Recently my friend flew from Denmark to Barcelona but his suitcase ended in Finland.

C: Stop lying. Your friend did this error on his own.

M: My friend checked his suitcase in like always. He even ended up being refunded $150 to buy clothes because of this.

C: Stop lying. That never happens, stop lying.

M: Well sir, I am sorry I cant get through to you, I have to end the call here. I will make sure your connection will be activated ASAP.

C: Stop lying.

C hangs up.

Good memories.


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