Customer service rep deftly deflects my attempt at playing lawyer for my Dad


My father had a car break down in Arkansas. He rented a car to come back, but was unhappy paying extra for dropping the car off in a different city and state. When his car was repaired, he again rented a car, to be driven from Tennessee to Arkansas, and even though he used a different agency they *still* charged him that fee! The audacity!

He knows I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer, and decided to test my skills in action at his office (my job) one day. He tells me, “I want you to talk them into waiving that fee.” I knew that fee wasn’t getting waived but I was being paid and this was what my boss wanted me to do so oh boy how do I sound reasonable?

The CSR on the other line handled everything like a pro. First, I simply requested that the fee be waived, and she said, “I’m sorry, but if you’re going to drop off in a different destination, you must pay the fee.”

But I hadn’t quite earned my pay. I smiled and sweetly pointed out that tourist season was coming up, and that they needed to move more inventory near Florida anyway, so dad was actually helping. In fact, they should be paying him! But we’ll settle for a no charge.

I don’t remember the CSR’s response exactly because this was some time ago, but it was a very professional no and she managed not to laugh at all. I thanked her for her time and hung up.

Dad was cracking up and quite impressed with my ability to argue utter BS with a straight face.

I know all those calls begin with “your call may be recorded for quality and training purposes.” Do you think that call made it into their training? That would be cool.

For those of you who have to put up with us, I’m sorry. At least I do my best to be nice. I don’t work for dad anymore, so at least no more stupid phone calls from me.


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