Change the T&CS or I will get Parliament involved!


I work in car insurance and we offer smart box policies. Basically every 90 days we judge your driving and if you do good you’ll get a refund, if you do bad there’s an additional fee, or there might not be any fee if your score doesn’t change enough.

This guy calls in about his son’s policy. He has a new job and doesn’t want Dangerous Times (between 11pm and 5am) effecting his son.

I explained it is a part of the T&Cs he agreed to when he took out the policy, and unfortunately we can’t change them. He was insistent we can. After a little back and forth he asked for the name and contact number for someone high in the company to sort this out. I told I can’t give him that information but I can arrange a manager call back. He took the call back.

My manager said the exact same thing as I did. He wasn’t a happy bunny. He demanded that we escalated the complaint to the highest person possible and said he will contact his solicitor and his MP (Member of Parliament). My manager said okay, be sure to show them a copy of your T&Cs where we clearly state what you agreed too.

I had a good laugh when I read my managers update. I’m just imagine this guy wasting his money on a solicitor and contacting his MP just for them to shrug and say you already agreed to it.


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