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I work for a secondary marketplace for sellers and buyers to meet so that tickets for events can be bought or sold. Each side has specific user agreements when using our site. We only offer refunds for officially canceled events. This call was escalated.

numba2: Hello, this is numba2 with support. How can I help you?

c: I need a refund immediately. My event keeps rescheduling for a later date and this is just unacceptable.

numba2: I completely understand the frustration you are having with an anticipated event being rescheduled numerous times. I do apologize, but we only offer refunds to officially canceled events. We do not have control over these types of situations.

c: I don’t understand. These people can just continue postponing or rescheduling as much as they like and you can’t make a policy to refund customers in a situation like myself?

numba2: I do apologize, but I can not create a policy to apply refunds to customers for postponed or rescheduled events. However, you can relist the tickets for sale and get your money back through that process.

c: I don’t want to go through the hassle of selling my tickets. I demand a refund now or I am contacting the Business Bureau. Better yet I will contact my credit card company to get my money back.

numba2: Ma’am it would be a much easier process to relist the tickets for sale than to try and get your money back through those methods because they won’t be able too. I can assist you with the process.

c: I can’t believe you would voice your opinion like that. I want your supervisor. This is obviously above your pay grade and I will be leaving a terrible review of you and this company. I will never buy tickets from here again.

numba2: Ma’am, please allow me to assist you. It is not a complicated process and-

c: STFU! I told you I wanted a supervisor! I do not want your help!

numba2: aight, have fun being rejected again. *transferred*


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