when you have to lie and feel bad about it


i am working in a callcenter in a part of the puplic social security system, i try my best to describe the situation but i have to be a bit vague about the specifics of my agency and what the client applied for.

i had a client today, who was a really nice a little bit older guy.


me: standard greeting procedure

client: greets me, tells me his data so i can open his case – rather nice interaction

client: “so, i applied to xxx yesterday and it sounds really great and i hope i get it” (sounding really optimistic and hopefull).

(the thing is, he applied to something in another part of the social security system in my country – not my agency, a whole other agency – but the system is in some parts connected so i saw he applied.

I saw also, it was already denied.

but as its not something in the field of responsibility of my agency, but a whole other agency, i am not allowed to tell him anything about what i see in the system about it. And i could only see it was denied, no reasons why (and i also do not know the rules for what he applied for and would not be able to explain the result to him)

So i had to lie to him and felt really bad – because he was so hopefull and i knew at this point already, he would not get it 🙁 )

me: oh thats great, i will make a note in our system so your case manager knows about it.

client: and they where really nice yesterday as i talked to them and i hope i will hear soon from them, i am almost sure i will get it.

me: that sounds great, i wish you good luck with your application!


i was so glad he was only on the phone and could not see my sad face for him.

edit: and my years in callcenter have taught me – i can sound happy and optimistic when having a sad face


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