We know when you’re impersonating the account holder. Stop thinking you’re smart. You aren’t.

I am a debt collector and just so you non-call center people know- we aren’t stupid. Debt collection or some other type of center. I had a lady call in today:


Me: Me, LiarLady: L


Me: “You’ve reached (*Name retracted)* This is McNuggeteer speaking. How can I help you?”

L: “Hi, my daughter received a bill and I want to know what it’s for.”

Me: “Ok, let’s see here” *She verified all the info* “Ok, it doesn’t look like we have permission to talk to you about this account. Is your daughter available to give permission?”

L: “No, she’s at school. Why do I need permission? I’m her mother.”

Me: “Yes, but she’s an adult and-”

L: “But she still lives with me!”

Me: “Ma’am that doesn’t matter. Your daughter is legally an adult and is entitled to her privacy by HIPAA”

L: “Fine just let me pay it then how much is it?”

Me: “I can’t tell you that either”

L: “Fine! I’ll see if I can call her.”

And she hung up

Not 2 minutes later I get a callback.. From the same number

L:”Hi, I’m trying to pay my bill”

Me: “Okay..” **I verify everything** “And are you (debtors name)?”

L: “Yes.”

Me: Ok, this is what we have.”

L: “I’d like to pay it. *Gives card information*

Me: “Hmm so I notice that is not your name on the card. Is the card holder currently available to give permission?”

L: “Oh, no that’s me I’m her mother.”

Me: **internally screams in frustration** “Ok” runs payment.

L: “Can I get an emailed receipt?”

Me: “No, because you are not the debtor.”


For ANY of you who thinks you’re being smart, you are not. We aren’t stupid. We know it’s you. Unfortunately we just can’t call you out on your bullshit otherwise we absolutely would. HOWEVER when you do lie about your identity like that that is NOT our fault. If your child or whoever you are trying to fish out information on finds out you impersonated them and get up in arms on it that is 100% on you and we will be more than happy to provide all recordings to any courts once the child (or whoever it is) has had enough of your bullshit.

What do you think?

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