Totally Not Racist Guest Thinks We Have Too Many Black People, And Is Mad One Got Him Arrested


Hey, long time no post.

Bit of backstory, I book rooms for a certain hotel chain, but I also have experience in the Complaint Department(CD). I had to leave and go back to Sales to preserve my mental health(spending everyday LIVING r/EntitledPeople is no way to live). Because of this, I’m a lot more well versed in policy and procedure, and can already predict how this guy’s phone call with them is going to go on Monday.

So, I’m doing overtime for a bit to save up for a convention when I this call. I’m going to call this guy Not a Racist (NR), since that’s how he identifies.

Me: Thank you for calling (hotel name), my name is OP. How can I help you today?

NR: Yeah, is this corporate?

Me: I’m in Sales. Do you need CD?

NR: Yeah, I stayed with you guys 2 years ago, and someone called the cops on me. I wasn’t doing anything, just listening to music, and this black girl called the cops on me and I got arrested.

Now, since I used to work in CD, I can’t help but use their own call flow for these calls, since it was specifically designed for calls like this. Basically, you just apologize, say you’d feel the same if it happened to you, and then try to get more info. This is NOT my job anymore though, so I just need to do the first 2 steps and try to get him to CD. They’re closed today, so I can’t transfer him, but I can at least give him their number.

Me: Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about that. I’d be equally upset if that happened to me. Unfortunately, I’m not-

NR: *cuts me off* Yeah, I wanna talk to SOMEONE about this, cause she needs to be FIRED! I’m not racist, and she called the cops on me for absolutely nothing! Now, do you think that’s fair?!

Ooooh boy, I know this type of Karen. They basically just want you to take your side, and condemn the people who sign your paychecks (technically I don’t work for the hotel, but you know). They just want you to say they should get something, so they can twist your words and use that against the company latter.

Me: I’m afraid I don’t have enough information to be able to say anything, I’m only Sal-

NR: I already told you everything. You need to get someone out here and inspect this place. There are drug dealers all over, and these n****s are all over the place.

Yeah, because someone who isn’t racist would DEFINATELY use that word to describe black people. He continued on for a while longer, dropping that “not” racist term at least one more time, before I finally got to speak again. I won’t go through the whole conversation, cause it’s pretty much just more bad mouthing “those people” and bragging about how he’s a “good Christian white boy”. I roll my eyes and flip my phone off at this. (one of the perks of working at a call center)

Me: Well sir, unfortunately the CD form is down on my end(it actually is), so I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to help you. I can give you CD’s phone# to call on Monday if that’s alright?

NR: *get offended that I assumed he can take the number* I don’t have anything to write with. Can’t you just text or email it to me?

Me: I don’t have access to a phone or email for security reasons(also true, otherwise credit card fraud would be super easy), but you can find it on our website.

NR: Alright, I’ll get it off of there. *click*

I’d complain that he didn’t even let me do my outro, but I was done talking to him. I’m so glad that I was doing overtime and got this call, cause not only was he NOT going to bully me, but I’d rather he get me, a white woman, over one of my many black colleagues.


Now, this next part is speculation so you can stop reading here if you want, but I can only imagine that there was A LOT more to the story than what he told me. By my experience, he probably got complaints about his music being too loud, and likely mothed off when asked to keep it down. The cops would have been called as he continued to yell at everyone and throw insults and slurs at them. Can’t say for sure what he was in jail for, but it most likely wasn’t for something at the hotel. Most common scenario was that he already had a warrant out for his arrest, and was held on other charges. Regardless, staff has the right to call the police to remove a guest from the premises.

I’ll have no way of knowing what the aftermath is, but if I have to guess, the first thing that will happen is that he gets informed that he’s been banned from all of our hotels. He’ll be advised why the police were called, and why he was asked to leave. He’ll demand compensation for what happened, and for having to stay in such dangerous conditions, but he isn’t going to get anything. Sure, he’ll bitch, moan, and complain, but I can pretty much guarantee no level of management will authorize a refund. He’ll then threaten to sue, and CD will advise that his lawyer will have to contact our legal department. Our company has 0 tolerance for his kind of behavior, and if he gets that way with CD… well half of CD is staffed by black women, who WILL hang up on his ass.


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