The Drunk Guy, Cheese, and Being Single


Hi! I’m posting some of my stories from working at a call center for a restaurant chain. We answered things by e-mail and phone. This gentlemen wanted a call, so I called him. It was about 4:00 p.m. when I called him in the afternoon.

**Me:** Thanks for your patience. This is [I don’t have enough time for this], how can I help you?

**Guy:** I was overcharged. _Slurs_ For cheese.

**Me:** You were overcharged for cheese?

**Guy:** Yes. I went to [location]. They said that I would be charged extra if I didn’t get cheese.

**Me:** You would be charged extra if you didn’t get cheese?

**Guy:** Yes. They said if I wanted [main course dish that is baked in cheese] without cheese, it’d cost extra.

**Me:** I’m really sorry about that. I’ll follow-up on that –

**Guy, interrupting:** Are you single?

**Me:** What?

**Guy:** Are you single? You seem nice.

**Me:** Sir, about this issue –

**Guy;** But yeah, they overcharged for cheese. But hey, you single? _slurs words again_

**Me:** Thanks for letting me know. We’ll take care of this and I’ll e-mail a resolution.



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