Stop me from paying my loan back


I work for a banking call centre. Had a guy call today

Guy:hi I accidentally paid $9000 into my loan I need it back

Me: sure as it’s a large amount we need a signed letter from all borrowers on the loan agreeing that the money needs to be reversed, it will then take 48 hours

Guy: that’s ridiculous, why did my internet banking even let me transfer the money into the loan, it shouldn’t have let it happen

Me: I’m sorry sir we can’t stop you transferring money into the loan, as it is a loan and does require you to pay it back.

I love it when customers make an error and still somehow manage to blame the person taking the call. I had to mute him to laugh at his stupidity

Edit: this was for a 600k home loan, as it’s in joint names with I’m assuming his wife we need all borrowers to agree that the money was not meant to go on the loan. He can definitely get the money back there is just a process to follow to protect all borrowers on the home loan, we most certainly will not put a stop on transfer going into the loan as it’s a LOAN not free money


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