Some times microwave lasers can mess up your day…


Hi guys I just wanted to leave a post from a call I got yesterday. I work for a company that deals with retirement for government workers. For the most part I just talked to septagenarians all day explaining how to use the internet and going over check stubs and insurance premiums but sometimes you get a wild one…
So the Member called to ask if a flyer from [other legitimate retiree association name] regarding open enrollment was legitimate, I advised him that is a legitimate company, gave him the number to [other company] that we have on the common number list, he stated that is not the number on the flyer he received.

I thought that would be it but oohhh nooo. ..the caller launched into a very long tirade about wild conspiracy theories, black market drugs, mind control lasers and microwave mind control from phones (“this is what caused the “pound” me too movement”…he meant #metoo), Russians installing deadly programs (apps) on his phone in front of his own eyes, hacking and cyber warfare, satellites armed with weapons and microwaves that have attacked him in his car, voices from “nowhere” that tell him “they are just trying to keep [him] safe”, Satellites that steal his drivers licenses repeatedly (this is why he had car trouble, the satellite laser was trying to steal his physical drivers license out of his wallet while he was on the freeway and caused his car to smoke and die, apparently he has had to replace his Drivers license 30 times from previous times “they” stole it) “communists” and how Burt Reynolds, his dear friend, must have been the victim of scammers because he died penniless alone on someone’s couch in Florida since he was homeless, he also mentioned the musical artists Prince, Mac Miller and Michael Jackson were good friends of his with whom he conversed right before their untimely deaths from fentynal over dose. The caller wound the conversation down, stating “you can’t trust anyone”, then the call cut out.

Now I have been dinged before from quality assurance because I interrupt people before they have a chance to finish their complete thought ..this man did not stop talking the entire time we were on the call. So even if I wanted to interrupt him there was no way I could! thank God that Call cut out! I had to take an unscheduled break after that one, it was super crazy! But so entertaining!


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Just need to get it out of my system, but of all the repeat callers my centre has, management decided to block the most harmless one and its effected my moral hard.

Horrible lady calls in and gives me nothing to work with.