Just ended a chat with someone. No transcript cause I had to escalate it which makes it disappear. But the gist is that the customer wanted to return something they bought in 2019. They said they were promised a return at the end of May this year and yet… Waited until the end of July to do it? Whatever

Anyway, a case was done and closed by a supervisor with a “no”. And then there were notes from resolutions that essentially amounted to a “hell no”.

Fast forward to me saying, sorry this is two years old, you can maybe get store credit but that’s up to your local store. And then cue the back and forth which leads me to why I’m here.

After the fifth time of me telling them we won’t be returning it and the order is so old that there’s not even an option to try, they tell me it can be returned, I just don’t want to.

😑 Really?

I had to stop myself from typing that I literally did not have a single fuck to give about whether they got this returned or not. Like really? You think that out of all the options available to me I would rather spend my morning going back and forth with you because that’s somehow easier than doing a return that has no bearing on my life, my job, or my paycheck? Really?

Instead I politely typed that if it were up to me, I’d return it as I have no issue personally (wanted to say no personal investment but I stopped myself 😂) with returning. And that it wasn’t a matter of what I did and did not want to do but a matter of what I could and could not do.

And then they escalated finally. But goddamn. Why do these people think we’d rather spend our time and energy banging against a brick wall instead of doing the easy shit. Like, I don’t want to argue with you. If I could, I’d do what made you go away the quickest. 🙄


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