New team leader gets his come uppance!


Another incident that happened when I was working on the IT helpdesk of a medium sized company. I took a call one morning from the new Team Leader of the web design department. I knew these guys quite well and they were a fiesty bunch and not at all happy that this new guy had been brought in from outside rather than an internal promotion.They all sit in an open plan office, no cubicles or anything. Anyway the call goes like this:

“Hello, I’m (name) the new team leader of the web design department. My computer’s not working”

Me: “What’s actually the problem”

“It’s not working at all, there’s no picture on the screen, all the power lights are on. Come up here RIGHT NOW and sort it out”

So I toddle up two flights of stairs, into their office, the five team members look at me expectantly having heard his side of the conversation. I walk over to his desk where he is sitting with a sort of smug look on his face, reach to the side of the monitor and CLICK. switch on the power.
“There you go” I said with a smile, and left the office to the sound of hoots of derision from the other team members.
It actually made my day!


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Not a call center, but a funny/strange tale about a Karen.

The F you want then?😂