My wish came true and I regret it


I work from home, and I live three hours from my office.

Yesterday there was a beautiful thunderstorm outside and I just wanted to watch it but I had to set up for work.

I sat down at my desk, and began to set it up. I sighed heavily. “I wish I could just watch the storm, and not do any work.”


It was right over head. My computer cables sparked angrily at me. I imitated the lightning and shot up with a thunderous squeak.

The storm caused a surge of electricity. It broke my WiFi Rota and some of my computer equipment.

The storm ended less than two minutes later. Because of the shock I was too stunned by what happened to enjoy it.

Now I can’t work until Tueday. When everything should be fixed. The storm is over and I don’t even have any Internet .


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