Longest, most pointless call I’ve ever had.


Call center for a bank.

This lady calls in, refugee from the retirement home. She can’t get into her online banking. I know it’s going to be bad, old timers and online anything usually is. But It gets worse and worse and worse. She can’t get to the web site, she’s googling the website address and clicking on who only knows what, she can’t remember her username, we have to reset that, reset the password, on and on and on and on…after 35 mins we still aren’t able to get her access. At which point she lays this shit on me:

“I don’t want online banking anyway, I just wanted to sign in so I could change it to get my statements in the mail, I was never going to use it again anyway after that.”

So all this…all of this, this 35 mins of my life you just crapped all over and set fire to, was for something I could have done in 30 seconds?????

Fuck my life. And this job.


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