Is late pizza really that big of a deal? [Long]


Let me start this with saying that I’m not from the States, nor do I live there, so I might have a completely different view on things.


I’ve been working customer support for a food ordering platform based in the US for some time now. I really thought that I’d get used to the job by now, and that I will get over the absurdity of the customer’s complaints, but guess what. I still fucking hate each and every one of them, and their stupid complaints about every little thing. Our company **does not** have a delivery service, yet we get the blame if an order gets delayed. The piece of shit app will send a push notification to the customer, asking if the order has been delivered, and that if it’s not, they should give us a call to check on the status! We are supposed to apologize for the delay, and even provide the customers with credits for a future order, as well as work on figuring out some sort of compensation with the restaurant. I can’t even put into words how frustrating this is, as the restaurants do not care about third party services most of the time, and they will just say “Oh yeah, it’s out for delivery” when you give them a call, and will not bother trying to get in touch with the driver so we can further assist the customer. And don’t even get me started on complaints about the food itself. I did not make your damn order, and no self respecting chef will admit that their food is bad, or made incorrectly, so you contacting our customer support, will only get you a $5 credit for your next order, as I couldn’t give a rat’s ass that your calzone was not cooked the way you imagined it to be. All of you entitled assholes should just shut the fuck up, and go cook your own food if your palate is so refined.


Also, the company just does not care about the well being of its employees. I know that most call center jobs suck, but hear me out on this one. Everything we do is customer based. I mean, I do understand that it’s important to keep the customers happy, but what about all the employees that keep ghosting your company after a couple of months? What family are you talking about, when you don’t give a fuck about any of the feedback I’ve provided you in the past months that will surely improve our workflow, but the team leads, software engineers, managers, nobody gives a shit about any of these things. We get inbound calls all the time, three live chats/SMS which we have to answer within 5 seconds or less, and we can get unlimited cases such as replies to texts and e-mails all at the same time! How the fuck am I supposed to manage all that **AND** have good metrics in the end? And yet I do have good metrics. 90% of my part of the table is green, and I got a shout out by the CEO of the company, as well as have only heard good things from my team leads, and coworkers, yet I still get the same salary as people who have started working a month ago, as well as trainees. I don’t think that I’m better than everyone, I would just like for somebody to acknowledge me doing a good job these past few months. I’m definitely considering quitting really soon, as I can’t take this much longer, especially since I’m still in uni and can’t take all the pressure that this job is putting on me. We mainly work night shifts, since all of the restaurants we work with are in the US, and we have to offer stellar customer service 24/7, which is also killing me. Then again, this is one of the few jobs that pays well in my area, and I *really* need the money to support myself through the next two years, after which I’ll do my best to never end up working in a call center again.


So what do you think, should I just stop whining, keep the job and power through the next two years, or should I quit as soon as possible? I really need to hear the perspective of someone who has gone through something similar, as most of my friends and family just laugh it off and say that I’ve got it way easier than I think I do. I think they are all incorrect, and I feel completely misunderstood. I had to start therapy again, because I’ve become so easily irritable, and anxious almost all the time.


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