I have been transferred


Well, the news came down today, but perhaps I’ll give a bit of background. I currently support business customers at a telecom company. We recently moved a large amount of our individual corporate customers to our individual consumer support department and after this our call volumes dropped dramatically. I got the news today that myself and some others will be moving to consumer support as they are doing it by seniority and not by stats. I have supported this department before and it mostly consists of people arguing over 23 cents on their bill. I loved business as the customers are more relaxed and professional. However, after being in a sour mood for most of the day I decided to look at the positives as they far outweigh the negatives. I am the top performer in my department currently and it will not take me long to master consumer. I also did my resume and prepared cover letters to apply for other internal roles this evening.

Maybe I am among the minority here, but I truly do enjoy call center work and the fast paced atmosphere. That is all and thanks for calling.


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