“Happy 9/11”


Tldr at bottom:

I wish this was fake. Yesterday was a slow morning and I was patiently waiting for my shift to end when I received a call. This old woman was a character to say the least.

“HI this is Mp420 how can I help you”

“I need a hotel with breakfast for the eagles game. I need to check in today and leave at 6pm tomorrow! Let’s do this quickly before I call someone else!”

After I explained that she would be charged for 2 nights if we did that she decided a regular check out time would suffice. I found a nice spot with a good breakfast for her and I completed her reservation.

“I do truly thank you for your business and I hope you have a fantastic time.”

“Thanks… hey… happy 9/11 kid.”

I was completely taken aback by that. I’ve only heard my meme lord friends say that not old grumpy ladies. But being so appalled by her statement I followed with one of my most regrettable lines on the phone.

“Um… yeah… never forget right?”

Never forget is right. I had opened up a door for this woman to start talking to me about a terrorist attack and it was too late to shut it.

“Do you remember where you were mp420?”

“Yeah I was in kindergarten I remember it was super scary.”

“Did your parents like George Bush?”

After that question I realized I had to stop this nonsense before it got any further. I immediately went in for the kill that is my closing statement.

“I do appreciate your time and I hope you have a great day! Is there anything else I can help you with?”

“Never forget sweetie and God bless America”

**static for a few seconds followed by the most sexy sound of all, the beloved CLICK.**

I will never know what she meant by happy 9/11 and honestly even if she meant it with a good heart I feel like we as a society should know not to say happy terrorist attack anniversary.

TLDR; lady is grumpy and demanding. Says happy 9/11 after I help her. I’m an idiot and said never forget as a response and opened up a door of 9/11 talk for a few minutes that i did not want to have.


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