Finally leaving call center life in less than a week. It’s so hard to keep my professionalism


If I was leaving the company I would have snapped already and said some slick shit or quit without 2 weeks notice because FUCK CALL CENTERS. But, I am taking a more internal job with the company and can’t act out right now. I can feel my patience slipping from me more and more each day. Today I talked to a man for 45 minutes telling him that he can write us a letter asking to reactivate his accounts after stating and restating his question 10 different ways. I’ve had one woman cuss me out. I’ve had another 2 catch attitudes with me and cut me off repeatedly. I’ve had one guy ramble for 25 minutes and answer yes and no questions in every way EXCEPT for yes and no with no definitive answer in sight. My headset has quit on me twice today, the computer has had to be restarted 3 times. Lord Jesus. Help me these last few days. Y’all pray for me.


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Next week is my last week.

Operator calls are not fun