Do you not know the difference between bank account and debit card?!


So i had a caller who wanted to make a payment. She stated she has a new card; however, because she had a Medicare supplement plan we can only process her payments through her checking account. So i verified the last 4 digits from her account, and she keeps saying no i have the last 4 digits from my card and how she doesn’t have checks.🤯 So her and i went back and forth and i was like we can call the bank to verify! So we called the member’s bank branch, and they explained the same shit i said to her and she still didn’t get it lmao. So now she wanted to speak to a customer service rep to verify her full account number. Tell me why after all this she didn’t want to give verbal authorization for the member’s acct info while im on the line. So she not wasted her time, but also mine trying to be argumentive. I also wish people knew the difference between bank account and debit card lol. Like you really realize how dumb people are.


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