Customer lives up to their name.


I work in car insurance. We do smart box (SB) insurances. Basically a little device is put into your car to monitor your driving. The device has to put into the car within two weeks.

Anyway so I had a Dick call in. His car has broken down so the company that fits the SB won’t fit it as the car isn’t road worthy.

Dick wasn’t happy that they couldn’t fit it and asked for an extension. No problem, we give out extensions all the time.

I asked him of he knew what was wrong with the vehicle and how long it would take to get fixed. He got arsey with me and said that he just wanted an extension as he is going away on holiday and won’t be back until after his two weeks are up. He said that the vehicle will be fixed while he was away.

I tried to explain that as he didn’t know when the car would be fixed it is better to wait until he does or until and notice of cancellation (NOC) is sent to get an extension. The NOC doesn’t mean it will get cancelled but is a deadline to get the issue sorted. I told him that for example if I gave him two weeks to get it fitted but due to issues getting it repaired it takes those two weeks to fit it he won’t have time to have it fitted, and it would need to be referred to the underwriters who may say we can’t offer any further extensions. I explained that the NOC won’t even be sent until a few days after he gets back and he would have a 10 day notice period. He cut me off plenty of times when I was explaining this just to make snide comments.

After I was able to explain everything and he got sharp with me and said he wants to two week extension now. I said I’m happy to do that, and tried to explain that if there’s any issues he may not get another extension. He cut me off and just said to give him the extension.

So I did.

I thanked him for calling and Dick said sarcastically “Thanks of not be useless.”

I honestly hope his car is fucked. Super expensive to fix and takes longer than two weeks to do so. I hope our underwriters don’t allow a secondary extension. I hope he has a holiday as shity as him.


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