(Chat tech support) Rather than hate, I felt genuine pity towards his stupidity.


Guy complains his brand new wireless speaker isn’t a compatible audio source for his smart TV. He thought since both products were made by us, then the devices are compatible and have interoperability, which they aren’t and this upset him.

I had to explain that, generally speaking, *all* devices made by the same company *aren’t* always compatible, and the restrictions are either due to software or hardware incompatibility. After that, he pulled the “I’m a loyal customer, now upset, so will switch to <competitor>” card — all because a speaker is not compatible for his smart TV.

We don’t have a retentions department so it’s my guilty pleasure to *refuse* the attention such immature behavior often seeks out. I replied with a brief reiteration of why it’s incompatible and then told him, *”If you’d like to purchase devices from <competitor>, then that is a reasonable solution to your problem. Technology should add value to our lives, after all, no sense keeping one if it doesn’t serve your needs. If there’s anything I can do to help you make an informed decision on factors related to that… let me know!”*

My attempt at positivity didn’t correct his behavior and mindset at all. He proceeded to rant how he now has to spend time repacking the speaker, returning it, and then asking for a refund. I would have given him words of sympathies to calm his tantrums had he not continued to blame our company for this mundane issue and kept leveraging how a competitor’s devices would not have resulted in this dilemma.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the blame on my company that triggers me so — it’s the fact he couldn’t fucking accept it was his irresponsibility, ignorance, and stupidity that got him here and not anyone else. I *really* was not in the mood to tolerate his asinine attitude, specially not when he was my first chat of the shift. My reply, *”Friendly advise moving forward, if I may… before making a purchase, please check the resources on our website to confirm if our device(s) would work the way you’d like it to — if it would actually suit your needs. If this isn’t doable somehow, you may ask the store personnel for guidance to confirm if what you’re buying would work with your smart TV. The staff probably has an answer. This way, you are able to make an informed decision which device to buy.”*

This seemed to get through his thick skull. I wasn’t sure if his reply was a sarcastic or an honest realization, but he said, *”Yeah, it’s my fault I purchased the device not knowing anything. I’m an idiot, right.”*

To which I responded, *”Aw, no need to feel that way! That’s okay! You asked us why the device would not work and so I explained. Questions lead to understanding and understanding leads to acceptance.” —* Confession: I stole the last sentence, it’s a quote from Netflix’s The Good Doctor because I’d watched it the day before.

What makes me think he was being sarcastic was how he immediately disconnected the chat right after that lmao.


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Did you look in the drawer?

I’m not the stupid one in this situation, buddy.