Anyone work for a car rental agency?


I know we have to keep this generic, so I’m hoping I can just get some advice even if you don’t work for the company I’m dealing with. Original post [here](

I returned the vehicle on July 29th and still don’t have my refund, over $200, for the difference in downgrading my rental. I called the local branch and was told that because I pre-paid, I’d have to call corporate and request that they release my funds.

I’ve called corporate 3 times this afternoon. I’ve explained the situation 3 times, because apparently they first 2 reps either didn’t or couldn’t note the situation in the system. The first time, I was disconnected while the rep was working on it. The second time, the woman offered a credit. I explained that was unacceptable and that I wanted the refund I was told I would receive when I decided to downgrade (at the suggestion of the local branch!). I was disconnected when she put me on hold to look into it. The third time, I was in the process of being offered a credit when I asked to speak with a supervisor. I had to give my number and am supposed to get a call back in a few minutes.

Am I just screwed here? The record shows I rented an L4 group vehicle and received an L4 group vehicle, but they don’t know if it was a 5-passenger or a 7-passenger because all they can see is “L4” (as far as I’m aware, and that’s how they’re acting … I could be wrong but no one has said anything to make me think differently). The record also showed I downgraded to a different group. Why can’t I just get a refund? Am I being unreasonable and just can’t see it? What do I do at this point?

I am so beyond angry and frustrated and just completely done at this point. I can’t even tell the whole story without crying because I cry when I get angry. I’ve not yelled at anyone, I’ve not been rude, I’ve said please and thank you … and I very much see why people don’t do any of that because so far it’s gotten me absolutely nowhere.

If anyone has any advice, please share. Even if it’s, “Give up, you’re never going to get your money,” because I kind of need to know if I should just walk away before my head explodes.


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