Ya’ll I can’t with some of these customers

I think one of the most frustrating things to deal with on the phone is helping the elderly navigate technology. I work for a large retailer with whom you can shop online or in stores.

The gentleman I got the pleasure of helping today couldn’t log into his online account. He has tried to reset his password. He’s registered his email address five times. Nothing happens! The website won’t listen to him!

I get his email address to see if he’s registered in our system (also learn he’s about 80 based on the year in his email address) and lo and behold he isn’t registered. I spend 15 minutes trying to show him how to get to the register page, which consists of 4 fields to fill out. He then spends another 15 minutes trying to create a password, but is getting exasperated because he can’t grasp what a special character is, even though I’ve given him specific examples (exclamation point, question mark, the little star, the at symbol, etc) about 5 times.

He then goes on a rant about how passwords are useless and pointless anyway because the news told him hackers can just “walk right in” without having to know any of that stuff and anyone can access his online accounts anyway, so we’re actually just causing him more hassle and inconveniencing him by making him create a password since they don’t work anyway. He tries to persuade me to get on board with this theory as if I have the ability to let him bypass a password option even if I did think he was right. I tell him regardless at this time a password is required to complete his registration and is needed to be able to log in.

FINALLY get him registered 45 minutes later, just to find out he was actually trying to register on the website for our store branded credit card, NOT the shopping side of the website that I just spent almost an hour of my life helping him get in to. Thank God I can’t help with that and had to transfer him.

Thank you guys for listening to my rant this one really just irked the hell outta me and I’m still annoyed at this guy. 😂

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