Not a call center, but a funny/strange tale about a Karen.

Hate to burst your bubble, but it wasn’t A Karen Karen, it was merely a woman named Karen.

So I have my phone set to silence any number not in my contacts. Earlier today I got a call from such a number, and ignored it as I normally do. If they leave a message, that’s usually the next notification I get, but there was another call from the same number instead. Again, the call ended and another call began, a total of five calls.

I would have assumed that this was something important because I’ve literally never been called five times back-to-back before. After the fifth call, I opened the phone and realized that there were indeed voicemails for each call, it’s just that the notification couldn’t come up before the next call.

The first three didn’t have much substance. I could hear some confused mumbles and the speaker talking to someone in the backgroung but couldn’t make out the words. On the fourth message, I heard the background person say, “Leave a message!” and heard the speaker reply something like, “But there’s nothing there.”

The fifth message finally had some clear words and got to the bottom of it. “Karen? It’s your mother. Please call me, I’m worried about you.”

Now, my name’s not Karen, and I don’t know any Karens. Obviously I had nothing else to go on, but I was sympathic to this mother and her worry, so I decided to call back and simply let her know that it was the wrong number, hopefully prompting her to use the actuall correct number (assuming she fat-fingered it). It’s also a little strange that we even got this far, because my voicemail prompt clearly states my name. I guessed she must be hard of hearing or something.

Anyway, I call the number back and am surprised when a receptionist answers.

“Hello, Ninja Healthcare Services, how may I help you?” she asked.

I said, “Oh. Uh, sorry, I thought this was a personal number?”

She said, “No, this is Ninja Healthcare Services.”

I said, “Oh. Well, I had a woman call from this number worried about her daughter, Karen, and just wanted to let her know she had the wrong number.

“Do you have the patient’s last name?” she asked. I think she may not understood exactly what I said, probably because this doesn’t happen often.

“I don’t know the last name, I just wanted to tell her it was the wrong number in the hopes that she could find the right number, since she seemed worried about her daughter.”

“I can’t help you if you don’t know the patient’s full name, sir.”

Yeah, she definitely just wasn’t paying enough attention to what I was saying.

“Oh, well, okay then. Bye.”

I’m not sure if the mother was a patient there and they let her use the phone or the number somehow got spoofed. I called only a couple minutes after her last call so if they did let her use the office phone they must have known about it, right?

In any case, hope Karen and her mother are both okay 😛

(And obviously that’s not the real name of the place. I made up a funny name once and someone said, “It has to be a scam with a name like that!” lol)

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