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I’ve been working at a call center for a little while now. I’ve hade conversations with people that ill think of probably until the day I die, but I want to share a story about the one time i scolded a customer. Now this was back when I had only been there a couple of weeks, pre covid.

Customer called back after their previous agent decided to end their call. This was a man in their mid to late forties, and just so its mentiones most people that work on the phones in the company is around 18-28, lots of students working part time

M: “you’re speaking with xxx. What may I help you with today?”

C: “yeah I just called and got hung up on! That last customer agent sure could use some cock!”

M: “…what?”

C: “Yeah she was a total bitch, she could use some good dick. Maybe you can help her with that?”

It genuinly took me a moment to process what had just been said to me

M: “this is absolutely not acceptable. I will not let you speak of my colleagues like this, this is fucking vile”

C: “im sorry, i didn’t know you were christian”

M: “Im not, and I am ending this connection. You can call back later when you’ve decided to speak as if you’re speaking to a human”

I end the call and take my break. Sitting in the breakroom i talk with my friend and she tells me that, there have been several times that men on the phone has felt more comfortable than what they should. I had heard that it was an issue but since I hadn’t noticed it myself before that day, atleast not as apparent i didn’t think about it which is really embarrassing to admit

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