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Hey everyone. I work for a large hotel chain and handle bookings, complaints, acct maintenance, etc. As you all know, it’s been a rough time to be in the field. I’m writing this to see what other peoples views are on traveling during a pandemic.

Due to an influx of people looking to book “vacations”, our call centers have been dealing with back to back calls since earlier this year. It went from 0 to full speed. Wait times have applied to the dismay of our callers. One would think, if it is taking a bit to get to an agent, then surely a lot of people must be calling. Of course, I get the “I’m calling a dedicated line, why is there such a high wait time”? line. I do explain why, but it’s like people feel they’re the only people calling in. The amount of people calling to book travel has taken it’s toll on me. Seeing the news and cases rising etc isn’t helping. It’s disturbing how many people are traveling for leisure and then are upset when things do not go well at the hotels. Another thing is the labor shortage which affects so much. Most communications I’m getting from callers is complaints on the phone as well as through e-mail channels.

I personally feel that no one should really be traveling unless it’s for business or if they are a medical professional. Not too long ago, I also saw that some pilots for an airline went in strike, stranding travelers at an airport. It’s not a good time to be out and about. just because people feel they deserve a vacation doesn’t mean that they should take it since we are pretty much still in a pandemic. IDK. Thoughts are all over the place. Anxiety has been bad. People are all stressed and taking it out on the call takers. It’s been bad. What are your thoughts for those that work in the travel industry? I know it’s impossible to think that traveling should stop, but yeah.

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