You want a room for HOW many people?!

I work in a call center for a pretty well known chain of hotels. We own many brands internationally and we also have a loyalty program for returning customers to earn points and other cool perks. The main job I do is handing reservations (making, modifying, and cancelling them) as well as handling customer inquiries and complaints. Most calls are fairly uneventful, but there’s a few every week that stand out. The following is one of them.

M = me W = weirdo

M: Hello, thank you for calling Hotels! My name is a-most-peculiar-girl, who do I have the pleasure of speaking with today?

W: Hi, my name is Whatever Whatever. I’m looking for a hotel room in Seattle on about 2 weeks from now that can fit 9 people all in one room.

M: already thinking this is a weird situation but I ain’t here to judge Alright ma’am. That may be difficult to find but let’s see what I can find for you!

W: I appreciate it.

I look around for a bit, and the best I can find at one property is a 2 bedroom suite that sleeps 6. I figure she can probably compromise and book that, along with a standard room with 2 queens or something. I relay this information to her.

W: We really are looking to all be in the same room, for bonding activities.

M: way too afraid to ask what that means I’m sorry but that’s the closest I could find to what you wanted

W: Thanks anyway. Have a good night! hangs up

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"The person I talked to earlier had no idea what she was doing!! You’re so much more helpful!!’

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