Why do customers not stop talking

On a call. Customer is explaining how she wanted to book a hotel for a work trip. She’s telling me about how she went online, went to their website, called the company, talked about booking a room, “well he said this and I said this. Then he said this. Then I said this. chuckle then he said…..” then she goes to the online website then our app. Then their website. Then talked to them about a refund. Then they’re saying refunds are 7-10 business days. Then she checked her app again and see she hasn’t been refunded yet. Then she’s upset. Then she was transferred. Then she’s going to do A, B, C.

She’s literally been talking for 10 minutes. In excruciating detail.

Edit: she’s telling me about her conversations with her boss and the person coordinating the trip. And then her bosses conversation with that person. And then….

I just wish people would get to the point. She didn’t even tell me what she was calling for until it was 10 minutes into the rant.

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