Seriously considering job abandonment.

Work for a large national bank in the ‘US’. Started in April. Went through two weeks of training in the fraud dept. The training was horrible. The worst training I’ve ever received from any job ever. Of the 16 in my class, 5 were already bank employees, another was an ops mgr. I had worked fraud before for two other companies, one being a debit card processor, so I did know a little bit about it. The remainder of the class were former CS reps from various lines of business. There was one guy that was redoing the training, because he had gotten to the point of taking the final exam and for some reason, had to drop.

The training sucked hard. The manager talked to everyone like she was talking to the current bank employees and the previously trained guy. Training was conducted via webex. The previously trained guy constantly interrupted, talked about his dog, ate chips constantly with an open mic, rustled the chip bags, whistled, sang and in general would not shut the hell up. The instructor indulged him, making comments about how she loved his energy. The other employees would always jump ahead and ask about something dealing with the system which we hadn’t even been introduced to, or had even seen yet. The instructor would go off track and explain the things to them. Leaving the rest of us confused and not knowing anything about what they were talking about. It was just awful training period.

Fast forward, I passed the final with a 95 score, 80 was required and thrown to the wolves. I know maybe half what I should. Of the 16 original class, 5 quit the first day. 3 weeks ago, they decided we also needed to be trained in disputes, even though there is a dispute department already and that’s all they do. Dispute training consisted of two days, showing us how to look up disputes so we could give customers the info, that’s it. Give info. 30% of my calls are now dispute calls, which I can do nothing about but say, it’s pending, it’s been assigned to a case processor, I can send an email and have someone call you back, I can send an email and have the paperwork re-sent to you, or I can transfer you to the dispute department. No one sees the logic or sense in this. Just send them to the dispute department to begin with, why the fraud department where we have very limited information to pass along.

Typical dispute calls go like this: Why did you take my provisional credit back, now I’m overdrawn. Answer, I don’t have that information, let me get you to the correct department. I didn’t get the paperwork you said you would send, now you’ve reversed the credit, why? Because we didn’t receive the paperwork back from you. I can have the paperwork re-sent, or transfer you to the correct department. I had a caller today that said she received a letter from us but she cant see the small print on the letter and wanted me to read it back to her. I said ma’am, I can’t see the letter either or I would be happy to. She insisted I could pull up her account and see a copy of the letter.

Long story short, it has made me absolutely hate this job. The pay is meh $18.75hr. Benefits are okay, about normal for any large corporation. We got no increase with the added dispute responsibilities. My breaking point is my manager. When I started I had a manager that was so cool, I couldn’t believe she was real. Always positive, always uplifting, always supportive. She would send my stats once a week and would always be positive, even if they were just so-so. “Your stats look good! there is a little room for improvement but you’re on the right track and are improving. Great work! Keep it up!” Things like that. She called me into a teams meeting two weeks ago to let me know she had resigned from the bank and was going on to another job. Told me who my new mgr would be, someone I had spoken to before and got along with.

The new mgr has been up my ass from day one. My stats, which are better than they were with the old mgr, I get “your stats look okay but there is a lot of room for improvement. I will meet with you and tell you how I would do it later in the month after I observe you and see your natural flow.” She has spent days listening to my calls for entire shifts. I can hear the little hum hum of her listening in. Those of you that have done call center work for a while know the sound I’m talking about, you can hear when they are listening in. If I ask a question about something I don’t know, I get, “you should know that from your training.” If I have a caller on the line and have a need for an immediate answer, I am ignored for up to 30 minutes, then get the answer that does me zero good since I am already on my 4th call since that one.

To address the topic, I a about ready to just walk off, seriously. I need the job, I need the money but don’t think I can take another day of these idiot account holders, or this manager that thinks she’s the gift of the bank. I value my sanity. I go to sleep thinking about this job, I wake up dreading going to work, when I work I have to fight from throwing down the headset and just walking away.

There, I vented. No, I don’t feel better now. Have any of you walked away before and how did you feel after you did? I am not sure if I would feel relieved and relaxed, or panicked and depressed because I was jobless and wouldn’t have money again until I found a new job and waited out the delay in getting paid again.

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