Operator calls are not fun

Here is how the call went down. This man from this legal company wanted to speak to someone who he has been working with. When he gave me the name, and I searched in our directory, the person who he wanted to speak with is not in our employee directory and offered if i can connect him over to someone else. He stated that he was given this number and how bad it is that he was routed to our company and not the person who provided him that number, a number he called many times for many years *eye rolls in annoyed call rep* and he just kept bitching and moaning, throwing a fit. And so I offered to get him over to our dental department and they can help and everytime I tried to talk to him, he gets an attitude. So I transfered him to the dental line as soon as he started talking. Lol

I wanna clock out so bad I dont wanna take any more calls.

P.S. Anyone know any suggestions on places to work that are not call center related Please let me know. I want OUT

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Do you ever just know what kind of calls you going to get and want to take those days off?

"The person I talked to earlier had no idea what she was doing!! You’re so much more helpful!!’