“I just wanted to let you know”

I work in retail chat/messaging for a lingerie company. C= customer, M= Me

M: Hi! How can I help you today?

C: i got some really gross smelling bras today, like I’m so mad. Ugh. I paid for these and they smell like kemicals

M: Oh no! I’m sorry your bras smell. I am happy to help! Can you verify your name and shipping address?

C: i mean I read in some of the comments for these that other people had these smell too, like I’ve just never had this happen

M: I understand, I am so sorry! I would be happy to see what I can do, can you verify your information, please?

C: i mean I paid for these and they just smell so bad. Ugh.

M: Can you please verify your information as requested? I am happy to see what I can do for you today!

C reluctantly answers my request

M: Thank you! I would be happy to send a replacement for the bras, do you want the package sent to the same address?

C: Yes but i don’t have time to return these

M: You will need to return the original items so we can make sure this doesn’t happen again if I send a replacement. I cannot send a replacement or refund without the original items being returned. I have sent your feedback about your experience to my leadership!

C: well I don’t have time to return these and they smell so bad. You don’t have to send a replacement, I just wanted to let you know.

M: Thank you! I have sent your feedback about the bras. Are you sure you don’t want a replacement? I see everything is in stock!

C: I can’t return the original items, I just wanted to let you know. It just sucks because I’ve never had this problem and I paid for them…

At this point I just was done.

M: You have refused a replacement for the items, Customer, I am so sorry. I have sent your feedback to my leadership, however I cannot send a refund or replacement if you are not going to return the original items. I can offer free shipping on a new order if you want!

C: Disconnects

Not sure what the point of that was but my god people are dumb. Stop complaining if I’m literally offering to help and you’re refusing? Like trailing off and being indecisive isn’t going to help, even if your bras do actually f*cking smell. Maybe I’m tired today, but I just hate these kinds of chats.

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